Beacon & Armour



We believe that you have a story to tell. We would love to empower you by entrusting you with opportunities to share them in your very own unique style and perspective.

Partner with us by becoming a Beacon & Armour Ambassador to share your story and represent our mission in your sphere of influence. We can’t wait to see what you will create!


Your role as an Ambassador

Content Creation Guidelines

  • Deliver at least 4 batches of photography/graphic content featuring our products.

    1. All batches must be from distinctively different scenes.

    2. At least 5 unique shots/graphics or 1 fully edited video from each batch.

    3. You have full creative freedom.

    4. Feel free to send as many batches as you’d like (at least 4).

    5. You may or may not use models.

    6. Deliver at least 1 batch per month until all sets are submitted.

    Examples of scenes: In the snow, desert, urban environment, in space, on a hike, surfing, in a cave, in a plane, in a forest, painting, digital graphic, drawings, etc.

    Examples of shots: Close up, drone shot, reflection, self portrait, candid, macro, abstract, prism, steel wool, double exposure, escapism, suspend time, smoke, tilt shift, long exposure, etc.


  • Referring others in your sphere of influence to support and invest in our products.

    1. You will receive a unique referral code.

    2. There are no referral quotas to be met, however it is a key determining factor for automatic retention in the next collection.

An Ambassador’s perks

Honourary Inner Circle Member

  • You will be invited to all our exclusive events, product and story releases.

  • You are entitled to bring an additional guest to these events.

Complimentary Collection Outfitting

  • You will receive 1 complimentary product from the current collection.

  • You may receive the entire current collection based on your content quality and referral influence.

Your ambassadorial status is only effective during the lifetime of the current collection. You will automatically be retained as a Beacon & Armour Ambassador in the next collection if your content quality and referral quota are satisfactory. You may have to reapply if you do not meet these requirements.