Beacon & Armour

Who & Why

Beacon & Armour was founded by Zadk and Ash in 2018 because of their passion for storytelling and search for genuinely lasting hardware. Their mission is to find and share stories, experiences and lessons learnt from ordinary individuals leading extraordinary lives. They hope that these stories will inspire, encourage and spur the next generation forward, nudging humanity towards being a more unified and loving people. Alongside these stories, locally made high-quality hardware will be paired to highlight and celebrate the craftsmanship of curated specialists — supporting their sustainable and ethically made products.


Our Mission,
Four Pillar Pledges.

Beacon & Armour was founded to champion the narratives of all people and to bridge them with ethically produced hardware rooted in heritage.

We seek out stories from every corner of the world and pair them with curated specialists to deliver compelling experiences and quality craftsmanship.

We believe in hard work, authenticity, equality and purpose. Only by working together can we achieve a synergistic effect that cannot be rivalled. Navigo et protege.

Discovering Stories,
Honouring Heritage.

Stories play a pivotal role in conveying emotions, experiences and bridging together people from all walks of life. 

We strive to bring you these captivating stories, curated from all around the world in hopes to inspire, encourage and if nothing else - impart a glimpse of life's experience.

At the same time, we are privileged to be able to play a part in telling these stories and building historic legacies by honouring and treasuring the storytellers and the stories they tell.

Inheritable Quality,
Ethical Priority.

We believe that quality is purposeful and intentional. This is why we only source from local and trusted specialists that have years of experience in their trade and are established in their craft.

We do our best to uphold and honour them in everything we do; from fair pricing to maintaining a healthy relationship with our specialists.

We are continuously sourcing for new hardware that are ethically sourced and assembled. Our goal is to bring you quality pieces that will last you a lifetime, not made at someone else’s expense.