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Join the Beacon & Armour Circle to be part of the movement to discover new stories, to honour and treasure the storytellers and the stories they tell. We are on a mission to honour heritage through ethically-made hardware that will last you a lifetime.

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Time-bound Subscription

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  • There are no sign up or monthly costs. It’s free.

  • Sign ups to current tiers may end at any time, unannounced.

Current Tiers

We honour and appreciate those who have subscribed and support our mission.

  • Tier 1 - Inner Circle | Ambassadors >

  • Tier 2 - Founding Circle | Sign ups from Launch to 30 November ‘18

  • Tier 3 - Junior Circle | Sign ups from 01 December ‘18 to 20 March ‘19

  • Tier 4 - Secondary Circle | Sign ups from 21 March ‘19 to 01 August ‘19


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