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Why do trucks use tough tarpaulin?

Truck side curtains, also known as truck tarpaulin, have become the transport industry’s preferred equipment to protect goods and produce during transport. They are lighter, stronger and quicker to install compared to other materials or solutions in the industry. Alongside its practicalities, truck tarpaulin can also be cut into bespoke shapes and sizes to fit the required space. Made with industry standard 900gsm super-heavy-duty PVC, these curtains can be printed in a wide range of colours to fit the brand colours of every trucking company.

After good/products have been flown or shipped into the country, it is up to these trucks to transport them from the airport or shipping yard to your local store. These journeys can keep precious cargo on tough roads for up to a handful of days, and it is therefore paramount that the cargo is kept dry, secure and protected from the elements. Rather than pulling the actual shipping container, trucks pulling a flat-bed wagon or trailer equipped with tarpaulin curtains drastically reduce fuel consumption, costs and environmental pollution due to the fact that the tarpaulin material is substantially lighter.

These are the specifications of a typical industry standard 900gsm super-heavy-duty PVC truck tarpaulin.

- Excellent weight to strength ratio

- Quick and easy installation

- Water and weather proof

- UV Protection

- Fire Retardant

- High flexibility and tensile strength

- Anti-slashing Theft Protection

- Simple Patch and Repair Process

- Made using High Frequency and Hot Air Welding

Oh, by the way, we worked with M-24 to turn them into backpacks.



002 Collection

Summer 2019 Collaboration


The M-24 Backpack

The limited edition backpack made in collaboration with M-24.
Unique upcycled tarpaulin supplied by J.R. Adams.

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