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The Submariner


The Submariner jumper played a key role in British history. Worn by the Royal Navy in both World Wars, this locally sourced 100% British wool unisex jumper is designed to keep you warm even at sub-zero temperatures.

Choose Your Submariner


Off White

Midnight Blue


Additional Information

- Made in Great Britain

- Unisex

- Polo-neck design

- Tight knit to provide insulation and protection against the elements

- Inspired by classic nautical design

- Ethically certified

- 100% pure British wool

Why wool?

1: Wool is Natural
2: Wool is Renewable
3: Wool is Biodegradable
4: Wool is a Natural Insulator
5: Wool is Breathable
6: Wool is Resilient and Elastic
7: Wool is Odour, Fire and UV Resistant

To learn more about the 7 reasons why you should choose wool, please see our why wool? page.

Due to the nature of the wool, some may find a 100% British wool jumper slightly itchy to the skin. For optimal warmth and comfort, we recommend layering the jumper over a long sleeve top.

Hand wash only.

For more care information, please see our care guide.

What sizes are the models wearing?

Off White: Male model (outdoor) - 6'5”/196 cm | wearing size L.
Off White: Female model (studio) - 5'0”/152 cm | wearing size M.
Midnight Blue: Female model (studio) - 5'5”/167 cm | wearing size M.

For more information, please see our size guide.

Playing Your Part


A Brief History

The hard-wearing submariner turtleneck was an essential part of the military issued kit of the Royal Navy during the First and Second World Wars. The trusted mid-layer was durable and snug, which was perfect for keeping out the North Atlantic chill and highly favoured by submariners who were often patrolling the bitter cold waters of the North Sea. 

As with the duffle, trench coats and other navy/military issued clothing, the Submariner jumper quickly trickled into mainstream apparel, becoming a staple for both women and men. It is loved by many and has since evolved into numerous different fashion representation and pieces.